About Us

Giant Umbrella Company is an umbrella company that provides the best information about umbrellas. We provide unbiased reviews of different products in the market, and we select only the best quality products for our customers. Our goal is to give you all of the information you need to make a decision on which umbrella product will work best for your needs.

We have the best range of collapsable and rotating umbrellas on market! Our giant patio umbrella is suitable for all types areas around your home including: pools, patios (yes even those pesky little backyard ones), garden furniture settings as well children play zones. Not only do they look great – these sturdy canopies are much cheaper than gazebos/bali huts etc too so you’re sure to find one that suits what needs covering whether its just some spare space under constructionor providing shade during hot summer afternoons
It might seem hard finding an appropriate size but don’t worry because at TheGiantUmbrellaCo

We Follow the Sun!

The sun moves continuously throughout the day, so if you want to stay shaded and enjoy your patio umbrella all-day long it’s important that they’re able rotate. A regular shade structure will only let out light for a few hours at most before closing again; but with an adjustable model like ours this isn’t much of problem anymore! Not only can we follow along behind them (since our pivots are designed specifically), but also have enough ability do other tasks such as shading various areas when needed – making sure no area gets too hot or uncomfortable while still giving ample coverage where needed