Giant Patio Umbrellas - the Perfect Shade Solution!

Giant Patio Umbrellas – the Perfect Shade Solution!

Giant Patio Umbrellas – the Perfect Shade Solution!

Perfectly suited for outside areas where natural shade is not available our giant umbrellas are designed to stand up to the elements and are easy to maintain. With a wind rating of up to160 km/h you know our Giant Umbrellas are manufactured with only the finest quality products.

Giant Umbrellas will not only add value to your home but provide you with outdoor shading for years to come. But if you do decide to take your umbrella when moving it’s as easy to take down as it was to put up. Umbrella covers are replaceable and are made from UV stabilised shade cloth fabric, acrylate-coated canvas, or PVC Vinyl, providing UV and water proof protection.

Why Buy our Giant Patio Umbrellas?

We not only have the best prices, we also have the best products and a wealth of experience in the shade industry. We are not only quick to deliver our products, but ensure they are installed correctly by our professional installers.

The Giant Umbrella company has the best range of giant umbrella shade products in the US & Australia. From the unique ‘WeatherMaster’ Rectangular Umbrella, to the ‘Classic” Octagonal Umbrella, you won’t find better design.

UV rays and sun cancer are a real concern for people everywhere. With the advent of global warming and higher average summer temperatures it is becoming increasingly important to protect yourself from the sun. A giant patio umbrella couldn’t be a greater gift for yourself and your family.

Patio Umbrella Fabrics

Shade Cloth or Canvas?

Shade cloth and canvas both have benefits, different prices and different applications. Canvas is obviously water resistant, whereas shade cloth isn’t. Your needs and budget will help you decide. No matter what you are looking for, we can provide you with an affordable solution for your environment.

Shade Cloth Fabrics

Our standard Giant Swinging Umbrella come with a rainbowshade shade cloth cover. We offer a choice of 8 colours from the rainbowshade collection (shown above). Rainbowshade is a commercial grade fabric which has a 10 year guarantee against UV breakdown, providing unrivalled quality and personal assurance against UV related skin illnesses. UV ratings for the product range from 79% to 99%.

Canvas Covers

For an all weather cover, canvas provides you with a traditional look, whilst protecting you from the sun and rain. Our canvas is made from 100% polyacrylic with a Teflon finish giving it resistance to water, dirt, and oil. It is 100% water resistant and provides total blockout from the sun. Our Canvas covers come in a range of four great colours as shown above.

DIY Installations

The anchorage of our Giant Umbrellas is important, however it is easy to do. Clever design and comprehensive instructions make DIY installation a breeze. If you decide to install your Giant Umbrella yourself not only will it save you money, but it will be an enjoyable DIY experience.

Click here to download installation instructions for the eclipse.

Professional Installations

As mentioned above, the installation of your umbrella is the most important part of your umbrella purchase. To achieve maximum longevity your Giant Umbrella must be installed correctly. If you choose to have your umbrella installed by us you can rest assured it will be installed by professionals and maximum longevity of your product will be achieved .

What’s Involved?

There are two possible types of installation: ‘Inground Base’ installation, and ‘Bolt On’s’.

DIY Customers

‘Inground Base’ Installation

The Classic umbrella, in accordance with the engineering design must be mounted onto a footing. .

The Classic requires a footing 1000mm deep x 500mm x 500mm wide. An engineer certified cage must be set into this footing. This cage is important as it provides extra strength in addition to giving you a place to fit the base plate.

The ‘WeatherMaster’ range requires a footing 1600mm deep x 500mm x 500mm wide. Again, an engineer certified cage must be set into this footing.

Please note: more detailed information will be provided on purchase, including comprehensive step by step installation instructions.

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Giant Umbrella

Giant Umbrella Company

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‘Bolt Ons’

IIn many cases your umbrella can be bolted onto an existing slab. This slab must be a minimum of 150mm thick reinforced with steel mesh. Most concrete slabs layed by a professional builder/concreter should meet this criteria. Only True Bolts should be used with this installation.

Althought the Classic has not been certified for bolt on footings, many of our customers choose to do so. A bolt on footing will suffice, however should not be attempted with any WeatherMaster products or an Eclipse with canvas cover. The Giant Umbrella company will not be held responsible for any damage resulting in incorrect installation.

The Giant Umbrella Company encourages Diy installation, however if you are unsure about your abilities, we advise you have a professional install it for you. Please note that installation must adhere to all engineered specifications. If instructions are not followed to specified standards, the Giant Umbrella Company will not be held liable.

The information above is to be used as a guide only. All umbrellas come with detailed installation instructions and footing specifications. Please follow these guides carefully.


Giant Umbrellas provide great UV Protection

Statistics show that ‘Melanoma is the most common cancer in men 25 to 54 and women 15 to 29′
It is widely known that Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world. The major cause of skin cancer in Australia is Ultraviolet Radiation (UVR). UV rays are invisibe to the human eye, and we are just as likely to get burnt on a cool overcast day.

Just 10-15 minutes in the sun on a clear day in Australia is enough for a person with fair skin to get burnt. Because of this it is very important that we wear protective clothing and sun screen. More importantly however, is that you seek shaded areas. You don’t want yourself or your family being burnt while swimming in your backyard pool. A giant umbrella will allow you to swim and be protected at the same time.

Our Commercial grade shade cloths and Vinyl products block up to 100% UVR allowing you to enjoy the outdoors while keeping out of the sun! Our fabrics are guaranteed for ten years against UV breakdown!

Giant Umbellas are a perfect solution for blocking out the harsh Australian sun and protecting you and your family from the effects of Ultraviolet Radiation.

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Instant shade when and where you want it! Our giant umbrellas have the ability to rotate 360 degrees allowing you to enjoy the pool while swimming and your outdoor setting while having lunch.

We all have a ‘duty of care’ to keep ourselves and our children U.V. protected.